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Fiction is my main medium, though you'll find a number of short essays and a few anecdotes here, too. Thematically, I'm drawn to small candles shining in the darkness, and in exploring how the challenges and crises in people's lives shape and polish them. I think this is my way of writing what I know without weakening the work by letting it default into the story of my own life.

I believe in the small but distinct heroism of the ordinary person, so my work tends to be peopled not by rich and glamorous characters but by basically ordinary people doing the best they can with the dilemmas placed in front of them.

"I find your characters very interesting.... All of them are good, honest people struggling as best they can--with fortitude, eyes wide open--to come to grips with something overwhelming, something beyond what they would ever have dreamed."                - A reader

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Short Stories Mrs. Sweetie
Aaron encounters a daycare giver.
Just Awards
Mr. Brown confronts the dilemma of recognition for his faithful job service.
Longer Fiction Harvest Moon
The far-reaching aftermath of
a traffic accident
Two friends take a chance on meeting in a very different world.
For Children The Watermelon Tale
A young boy and his grandfather wait for watermelon season to come again.

In Verse   

Cistern       Flight       Lompoc Morning       The Wind an Ocean

On This Day of Freedom      


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