Sweet Creek, about an hour west of Eugene, Oregon

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Sweet Creek

Shoot Date: 6-18-2006

I'm not sure what this is, but I know they like dampness, because many of them grow in my lawn during the wetter seasons.

Water stair-steps down a series of small falls part of the way.  The main fall is probably about 50 feet high.  All along the creek you're surrounded by the sounds of rushing water.

These stairs are neatly set into a steeper part of the trail.  They look like part of a well-tended garden, though.

Interesting goldish-colored fungus grows on the trunk of this tree... as does moss and the occasional fern.  Here and there you can see young trees with their exposed roots wrapped around the decaying mass of a dead tree, using it for nourishment.

Water spills from one pool to another on its downward journey

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