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Spring at Satwiwa


Shoot Date: 4-25-2005

Rancho Sierra Vista or Satwiwa, the native Chumash term for the area, is located at the western-most end of the Santa Monica mountain range, north of Malibu and adjacent to Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks in southern California.  Due to the abundant rain of this past El Nino winter, the hillsides were literally awash in color, from the pervasive purple of blanketing vetch to many colors of mustard, cactus, wild roses, sage, California poppies and others.

Traditional Chumash op near the visitor center

Chaparral, the native hillside vegetation

Above: cactus buds in the visitor center garden
At right: the pond just beyond the op

Reeds and water

Water plants at the base of the reeds.  Note the tiny plants clinging to the piece of wood.

Beyond the pond, the trail heads out into the hills

Detail of two shades of purple mustard

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