Landscapes and Seascapes

Natural areas of land and sea have always drawn me to photograph them.  Changes of season, weather and lighting provide ever-changing vistas and interest, creating scenes that will never come again in quite the same way, like the momentary patterns viewed in a kaleidoscope.  I've documented a different Southern California from the one often seen in movies or on postcards, and now explore Oregon.

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Satwiwa Spring

Sycamore Cove Dusk

Central California Coast

Sweet Creek, Oregon

Clear Lake, Oregon

Autumn on the McKenzie

Old Town Bend, Oregon

Sahalie Falls, Oregon

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Eugene Spring


Fall along Highway 36

Misty Fall Forest

Sweet Creek Winter

Sweet Creek April

Historic Dorris Ranch

Ridgeline Trail, Eugene

Kirk Park

Highway 242 Autumn

Autumn Fog

Brice Creek

Light in the Forest

Eugene Masonic Cemetery
: May

Toketee Falls

Newport & Coast

Eugene River Bike Path
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