My innate tendency is to look for the little bits of beauty that glint within the larger jumble of life, but a friend who is drawn to photographing industrial decay made me pause and take a closer look at things that don't seem inherently beautiful.

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Back Alleys: Old Town Camarillo, CA

Shoot Date: Various





I started my back alley trek behind
the Buckhorn Saloon, a local watering
hole of dubious repute.  Though most
of the local downtown is fronted in stucco,
the brick in this building speaks of the
town's earliest days.

I especially liked the archwork in the
brick above the windows.

Water-filled coffee cans serve as makeshift ashtrays.  These two sat in the alley
behind the saloon, but a row of seven were lined up beside a plastic chair in
front, along the sidewalk.  Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention,
though not necessarily of aesthetics.                                                         


A window that's always intrigued me,
located off a tucked-away parking
lot.  The painted-over brick reveals
the age of the building.  A lace curtain
often hangs in the window, and makes
me wonder who might be behind it... or
actually, who might have lived behind it
in years past.



Piles of tires beside a tire store
provide a study in shape and texture.

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