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Bend's historic downtown, including Wall Street, Drake Park and Mirror Pond

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Old Downtown Bend, Oregon

Shoot Date: 5-14-2006

Mirror Pond, downtown Bend's natural wonder and central attraction, where the
Deschutes River runs through the town's historic district.  The river is so shallow
that sometimes geese in mid-pond can be seen standing, but the overall effect
of the broad pond, paths, stately houses on the far side and graceful weeping
willows is wonderful. 

One of many paths through Drake Park, which follows the river as it snakes through downtown.  People walk, jog, picnic, skate or bike... or simply lie on the grass and enjoy the shade and view of the river.

Riverside Drive, which curves along the edge of Drake Park, is the place to live in Bend.  Well kept up Craftsman and colonial houses with neat, clipped lawns line this street overlooking the park and the river.

Another view of Mirror Pond, this one facing east.  Though they don't appear in these shots, the Pond is full of ducks, geese and the occasional swan, some of which stay even during the winter, when the pond is snow-covered and partially frozen.

Mirror Pond Gallery sits on the hillside above the river's edge, a venue for local art exhibits.

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