After a long day at the computer, Ben and I made a run for the beach just around 7 p.m.  Though the sun was sinking into a low fog bank, we got the benefit of the richer, more saturated colors that evening brings.  The waves were foamy and my quick hike down to the cove provided the opportunity I needed to recharge.  The scenery was wonderful, too, as you can see.

S o u t h e r n   C a l i f o r n i a
P h o t o   T o u r s

Sycamore Cove Sunset

Shoot Date: May 2005

Scene at the bridge end of the beach.  Note the foamy waves and the familiar
gum drop shape of landmark Mugu Rock just below the setting sun.


Soft pastels in the sky and quiet, overlapping waves midway along the beach
added to the peaceful feel of the evening.


Scene from the cove end the beach


Wave residue drains from around pilings from an old pier.


All photos bardsmaid, 2005

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