A trip from Eugene, in the Willamette Valley, west along Highway 36 through quiet farm country, along streams, etc.

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Autumn along Highway 36

Shoot Date: 11-02-2007


The northern edge of Fern Ridge Reservoir west of Eugene, a haven for birds of all types.  I'd tried to get pictures of these cormorants before, but as soon as they see a camera, they always take off (a typical bird behavior, I've found.)  This time I carefully crawled into the back seat, opened the window enough to let my telephoto lens sit in the opening and was finally able to capture them.



A few miles after reaching Highway 36, the road makes a turn and goes through Alderwood State Wayside, a wonderful forested area along a creek.  Yellow leaves brightened the spaces between the many Douglas fir.  This road is typical of main Oregon rural 'highways': one lane each way, and very little traffic at that.



Creek in the same location, possibly Poodle Creek (there must be a story behind the name) since it's only a half-mile or so from Poodle Creek Road.


Highway 36 winds its way west through rolling country, skirting the edges of hills and mountains where little family farms and small communities too small to be called towns cluster close to patches of flatland.  There are many wonderful old bridges along the way, such as this one over a creek.



Triangle Lake, west of the tiny settlement of Blachly.

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