My interest in photography started with a year I spent in Spain (1970-71.) I took quite a few pictures with a very basic Kodak box camera, and every once in a while ended up with a result that both surprised and pleased me.  Eventually I realized I had an innate sense of composition.  On my return to the States, I swapped my Kodak for an old, second-hand Exacta with a Carl Zeiss lens that my dad was no longer using, and I was off and running.

These days I tend to photograph with a web audience in mind.  This began with researching potential locations for scenes in some of my stories.  Most often I'd find lots of text but--frustratingly--no photos.  So I started to take the kind of photos around my local area that I'd like to find if I were doing a search, and began posting my photo tours to the web.  E-mail feedback soon told me that viewers appreciated the opportunity to go on these kinds of virtual explorations.  I hope something you find here will inspire you, bring you peace or simply make you smile. 

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