I've worn many hats over the years and had varied interests.  I have a Master's degree in Spanish and spent my junior year in Madrid, Spain.  I've homeschooled several kids and raised five of my own.  I've designed and marketed innovative baby and maternitywear.

I'm a native Californian transplanted to Oregon, enjoying the vast spread of nature around me.  Writing,  photography, observation and analysis have been lifelong passions.  Shakespeare is my favorite writer (hence the screen name.)

I have experience in the following areas: Spanish culture, theories of communication, teaching dyslexics, practical learning, photography, surviving poverty, writing fiction, website usability and SEO.  If you feel I might be able to help you in any way, you may contact me.

Susan (bardsmaid) passed away January 29th, 2013. We will be leaving this website up for the public. You can also visit her Live Journal to read more from her.

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