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Here's a place to start, an appetizer platter of bardsmaid's fic.  Fanfiction tends to trade heavily in allusions to its story universe's canon, one most of its readers are very familiar with, but which can present problems for the reader unfamiliar with the plot and characters.  The following stories, with notes below, have been selected as more accessible to the first time fic reader who's not conversant with the X-Files universe.

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Story Characters What you should know
Contingency Plans Cigarette Smoking Man  Mulder's mom Story:  Pre-X-Files.  Sets up background for my Sanctuary series, below.  The Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM) is always up to no good.  In this case a child's life hangs in the balance.
Details you should know: This story includes a 'dust jacket' done by a friend who has an amazing talent for not simply putting images together, but telling a story with them.  
the Stars
Alex Krycek  Fox Mulder Story: Mulder and Krycek are always at each other's throats within the show's universe.  In this case, I wanted to explore what might happen if they intersected at a time when both men were simply too tired to fight.  This story won four Spooky Awards.
Details you should know: Krycek lost his left arm in Season 4 (long story) and wears a prosthesis.  He also has a Russian background.
Outpost Alex Krycek  Dana Scully Story:  No love was lost between Scully and Krycek on the show, but in this story they've ended up in an unlikely alliance and, unexpectedly, even find a moment to let down and relax.
Details you should know:  This is an example of post-colonization fanfic, which deals with a time beyond the end of the series when the planet has been taken over by an alien race and our characters are fighting the occupation. 
Alyosha Alex Krycek  Story:  His arm cut off by Russian villagers who thought they were saving him from deadly experiments in a nearby prison camp, Krycek is watched over by a young boy.
Details you should know: 
This story gave me the opportunity to observe Krycek through the eyes of an original character who has never seen him before.  One of my favorite explorations.
Even Thieves and Scoundrels Marita Covarrubias  Alex Krycek Background: Krycek and Marita are both villains on the show, but at a certain point we learn that they're working on a plan of their own, apart from the group's.  Later, we discover they have a romantic connection.  This story attempts to explore a bit of the dynamic between these two who are loyal to no one... not even each other.
Through  Walls Alex Krycek  Fox Mulder Story: Another example of post-colonization fic, this story was written as part of a challenge event, where each writer is given a general theme and the lyrics to a song and must incorporate them into a story.  A Spooky Award winner.
Details you should know: Alex Krycek is killed toward the end of the series and reappears in the finale as a ghost.  He appears here, once again, as a ghost... and possibly the only one who can keep Mulder alive.
(a trilogy)
Dana Scully  Fox Mulder
Alex Krycek  Cigarette Smoking Man
Story: This saga veers off from X-Files canon at the beginning of Season 6.  It began as an exploration of the impact on Mulder of being taken off the assignment that had become his life, not just his job.  But soon the tale started down a path of its own and grew to include a mysterious case file that ends up involving many of the show's characters.

Details you should know:  The Sanctuary series consists of three books and--be warned--it's long.  Some readers have found it addictive, though (people have stayed up all night reading, or put off work, or were late for classes) and others have told me it made them fall in love with the show all over again.  Take it for a test spin and see if it suits you.

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