NOTE: The plot twist pivotal to the prologue, below, is not a part of the on-screen X-Files universe, but neither does it overtly contradict what we see there.  William B. Davis, who played the part of the infamous Cancer Man, when answering a fan question about a nearly identical premise, said he loved the idea.  I found the possibility--and its many implications--intriguing.

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Contingency Plans -
1967.  CSM does Teena Mulder a favor, but motives are rarely unselfish.  A 2004 Spooky Award winner.

Narrative - Childhood and early years up to the car bomb
SCENE: Deep Water For all his past, Krycek finds himself in a situation where he has no experience to guide him.    
SCENE: With Patty -
One evening, one morning
SCENE: The Alberta Colony
- On the run from CSM after the car bombing, Krycek decides to check out a Canadian location he's received some intelligence about.


an Alex Krycek backstory


Once upon a time there was a villain, a double agent who worked mainly for himself.  He was cocky and manipulative, smooth but nervous, sometimes smug, occasionally terrified.  He killed Mulder's father.  He tried to fight the unthinkable.  A group of Russian villagers cut off his arm.  He kept on going. 

When I started to explore the personal implications of Mulder's dilemma at the beginning of Season 6 in story form, Alex Krycek unexpectedly insinuated himself into my tale until he'd embedded himself deep within the plot.  I was shocked.  At first I tried to ignore him, but soon he began to intrigue me with his unexpected support of Mulder from behind the scenes.  Finally I began to really pay attention, and to notice the many subtle nuances Nick Lea had woven into Alex Krycek.  Eventually I realized that in order to do this man justice within my story, I needed to understand more about what made him tick.  So I started out to write the story of his life, to piece together the clues we'd been given in canon and fill in the blanks between the times he appeared on the show.

Hemingway once said that you need to know everything about your characters, and that if you do, this wholeness will show through in your story even if you don't include all the details; but if you don't know your characters completely, your fiction will have holes in it.  I've found this to be true.  What's presented here is a history excavated in bits and pieces that combine to tell a possible history of this complex, contradictory--and very human--character.

Narrative - The period post-car bomb up to the confrontation with Mulder in Hong Kong (*Piper Maru)

Narrative A - From takeover by the Black Oil to rescue from the missile silo
SCENE: New Alliances - Krycek is introduced to his rescuer and benefactor
Narrative B - Recuperation from the Oil up to reintegration into the Russian vaccine program 

Narrative - Vaccine success, plan preparation and arrival at Tunguska with Mulder
SCENE: At Che's - Krycek prepares to go undercover with the militia group
SCENE: Shadow and Light
- Mulder and Krycek on the plane to Kraznoyarsk

Narrative - Tunguska and the loss of the arm
SCENE: Alyosha - A young boy is charged with watching the recently-amputated Krycek
SCENE: Solitude for Two
Late at night, Che is privy to Krycek's ponderings

Narrative A - Return to the U.S. to search out Mulder's contact
SCENE: To the Edge - Having located the contact who provided both men with travel documents to Russia, Krycek stumbles across more than he could have hoped for.

Narrative B
- Negotiations with Marita Covarrubias
SCENE: No-Man's-Land - Marita and Krycek meet to talk business, but the mood turns unexpectedly. 

Narrative C
- Return to Russia for the vaccine

Narrative  A- Collaboration with Marita Covarrubias through events that follow Zero Sum.
SCENE: Stealing Moments - (from Marita's point of view) Things should get easier once distribution of the vaccine is fully underway... though she's been telling herself that at every rising rung on the ladder of this journey, and the reality is that with each step the stakes only get higher, the burden more ponderous.
SCENE: Touched - On the outside chance that he may be able--or willing--to help him, Krycek goes looking for Jeremiah Smith.
Narrative B -
Krycek finds a way to investigate the mysterious Kazakhstan abductions with the blessings of the Russian government, positioning himself to act quickly when the Rebel burnings occur.
SCENE: Departure - In Kazakhstan completing an investigation into a series of mysterious abductions five months after losing his arm, Krycek stops to leave a final message with the sister of an abductee, a woman who's helped him investigate... and who's caught his eye.
Narrative C - Krycek finds out more about what makes Marita tick.

SCENE: Convergence - In Cali to pick up the first shipment of their secret vaccine, Krycek and Marita learn more about each other as their reserved, private selves begin to unravel.

Narrative D -
Vaccine distribution, complications and unexpected good news.
BONUS SCENE: Safe House - After the first distribution of their secret vaccine, Krycek and Marita meet up in New York to compare notes.
Narrative E - The Rebel strike in Kazakhstan; Krycek comes up with a plan to bring the Consortium to its knees, and heads for New York.
SCENE: Waterfront - Marita at the freighter dock.  When it comes down to the choice between a man and your child, there's no question.  Only hesitation.

Narrative A  - Held prisoner aboard the freighter, Krycek struggles to make sense of what has happened.
SCENE: 180 After the meeting between Mulder and Krycek in Mulder's apartment, both men spend restless nights attempting to come to terms with the way their lives have been upended in the preceding 24 hours.
Narrative B -
Krycek and the Well-Manicured Man patch together an alliance... and a plan.
SCENE: Overhead, the Stars -
Two weeks after the confrontation in Mulder's apartment, an exhausted Alex Krycek returns home to find an unexpected visitor of his own.  A 2004 Spooky Award winner.
 Narrative C - While Consortium doctors work to save Marita, Krycek moves on to Plan B, a last-ditch attempt to access the secret vaccine.
SCENE: The Truth - The Well-Manicured Man is forced to give up a secret that sends Krycek's world into a tailspin.
BONUS: Diary entries from the Well-Manicured Man - Behind the scenes between The Red and the Black and The End, complications abound. 

BONUS: At the Cabin - Krycek and CSM in the snow at the Quebec cabin
Narrative  A - The reality of having CSM back in the consortium starts to sink in as the Gibson Praise affair sets off a series of unanticipated events.
Scene: Road Trip - Krycek is tasked with delivering chess wunderkind Gibson Praise to a Consortium research facility, an assignment that proves messier than he expects.
Narrative B - Back in New York, Miguel Ansbach calls Krycek and WMM to a meeting and delivers some shocking news.
NEW! Narrative C - An unexpected incident in Texas results in upheaval, including the death of the Well-Manicured Man.  When the Elders start to notice Krycek's strategic abilities, CSM moves in to take Krycek's reins.
NEW! BONUS: Interview with Gibson Praise - When Gibson Praise disappears from the power plant, where does he go?
NEW! Narrative D - The final part of this story.  Back in Washington D.C., the Cigarette Smoking Man keeps Krycek on a short leash and begins to use him in a campaign to break Fox Mulder's spirit. 


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