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While mid-Season 6 was leading us through a string of fantasy episodes, my mind was stuck back at the beginning of the season.  Being a character-centric viewer--and writer--I kept thinking about the fact that Mulder had been taken off the files that were his life, not just his job--the key to accessing information that might finally lead him to his sister, or to the verification, at least, of the alien life that he was sure existed.  But the show gave us no hint of the emotional impact this reassignment surely must have had.  My exploration of this topic resulted in the Sanctuary universe.  Then, like links in a chain, one bit of possibility led to another.

Mulder and Scully fanfiction

The Sanctuary Trilogy

What if, after 'The Beginning', Mulder were dismissed from the Bureau on trumped-up charges of having had contact with the X-files?  What would he do?  How would Scully fare on a reassignment?  And what would happen if a case she was assigned to came uncomfortably close to exposing the Smoking Man's trump card?

Alex Krycek fanfic, fan fiction

Alex Krycek: a history

One of the X-Files' most intriguing enigmas, a man full of complexities, both victimizer and victim. Who is he working for and what does he actually want?  Go underground with the Rat in this extensive and thoughtful backstory exploration for the Sanctuary universe.

Upcoming: Topaz, the Sanctuary sequel

The saga continues:  Mulder searches for his sister's end, Krycek for the elusive West Coast facility while Scully tries to piece together the medical mystery that surrounded Tracy.  New evidence drives our heroes far from Washington, D.C.... and into growing danger.  Read the teasers here.

For the fanfic newbie

Never read fanfic before?  Not particularly familiar with the X-Files?  Fanfiction trades heavily on allusions to its source universe, which can often make it less than accessible to the novice.  Here I've chosen a sampler of my more accessible stories for those unfamiliar with the show and its characters.  With helpful notes!  Take one for a spin.

Pre-X-Files fanfic, fan fiction

  • 'Contingency Plans': 1967.  CSM does Teena Mulder a favor... but motives are rarely unselfish.  A 2004 Spooky Awards winner.
Mulder-Scully fanfic

X-Files mytharc fanfiction

Post-episode vignettes:
  • '180' for *The Red and the Black.  By episode's end, both Mulder's and Krycek's lives have been turned upside down.  Both men spend restless nights.
  • 'Overhead, the Stars': for *The Red and the Black.  Two weeks after Krycek surprises Mulder in his apartment, he arrives home to find the tables turned.  Two very tired men, a language lesson, a houseplant.  A 2004 Spooky Awards winner.
  • 'Pull' for *Existence: what if the parking garage scene had gone on a few minutes longer?
  • 'Grace' for *The Truth : after her reprieve from testifying at Mulder's inquest, Marita returns home, though perhaps not as much alone as she believes.
155-word vignettes: A collection of vivid verbal snapshots highlighting many X-Files characters and the dilemmas they face, presented within the challenging 155-word format unique to X-Files fan fiction.   Less is more in these brief stories.
X-Files post-colonization fanfic, fan fiction Post-colonization stories:
  • Through Walls': Post-col.  Trapped in a colonist holding pen, Mulder must face the only likely way out.  A 2004 Spooky Awards winner.
  • 'Outpost': Post-col.  At a dusty cafe, Scully and Krycek take a momentary break from the work of fighting Occupation.

Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias fanfic, fan fiction

Krycek and Marita fanfiction
  • 'Stealing Moments'  Marita is on a mission... alone.  Part of 'A Rat's Life', an Alex Krycek backstory.
  • 'Convergence'  In Cali to pick up the first shipment of their secret vaccine, Krycek and Marita learn more about each other as their reserved, private selves begin to unravel.
  • 'Even Thieves and Scoundrels': Waking in the middle of the night, Marita Covarrubias finds herself lured by thoughts of a simpler life.
  • 'Waterfront': Marita at the freighter dock in Patient X.  When it comes down to the choice between a man and your child, there's no question.  Only hesitation.

More Krycek and Marita: see 'A Rat's Life'

Not otherwise classified:
  • 'Crossroads': A knock on the door.  A missed phone call.  Five moments that changed everything... or might have, if they'd happened this way.
X-files Christmas fanfic, Xmas nfic Christmas fic:
  • 'Star': A Christmas short.  She remembers a warm place, a tree brought in from the outdoors, a boy.  A 2004 Spooky Awards winner.
  • 'The Night Before':  Season 6.  It's the night before Christmas, and all through the X-Files world...


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