The Sanctuary Trilogy

What if, after 'The Beginning', Mulder were dismissed from the Bureau on trumped-up charges of having had contact with the X-files?  What would he do? How would Scully fare on a reassignment?  And what would happen if a case she was assigned to came uncomfortably close to exposing the Smoking Man's trump card?

A character-centric adventure: angst... MSR... family ties... mystery, personal as well as professional... surprises... a Cassandra sighting... unemployment (and overwork)...  Alex Krycek with a secret from the past... a homeless girl by the lake on the Mall... treachery and betrayal... loss... strength... love.

Part 1 : Paradise Lost

Early in Season 6, Mulder is dismissed from the Bureau on trumped-up charges of having had contact with the X-files.  Stripped of the files that had been his driving motivation as well as his job, he's forced to look critically at his life.  Scully, reassigned to a teaching position at Quantico, must balance her new responsibilities with her concern about her former partner's well-being.  And Alex Krycek insinuates himself into Mulder's life for reasons that are not immediately apparent.

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Part 2 : Walking Through Fire

Determined to gain reinstatement at the Bureau, Mulder searches for a way to bring CancerMan down while also confronting the grim reality of unemployment, and Scully's responsibilities increase as she juggles her new assignment with her continued support of her ex-partner's quest.  But Skinner requests her forensic expertise in an ongoing investigation, saddling her with an additional burden that may prove more than she can bear.  A ghost from Teena Mulder's past prompts her to finally open up to her son, though the information she offers has the potential to crush him.  And Alex Krycek inadvertently provides the evidence Mulder needs to foil the Smoking Man.

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Part 3 : Sanctuary

On the run from the Smoking Man, Mulder and Scully go undercover in Kentucky, hoping the Beeson-Lymon case will lead them to information that will finally bring CSM down.  Meanwhile, Alex Krycek slowly recovers from a gunshot wound with the help of an unlikely caregiver from whom he can hide nothing.  CSM hatches a nefarious plot to draw Mulder and Scully out into the open.  Help, and resolution, come from unlikely quarters. 

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.. And yes, there's going to be a sequel. Check out the Topaz page.

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