A rambling narrative in which bardsmaid travels to Vancouver to visit her good friend Listen, and together they trek around Vancouver and environs taking in the sights... and hunting down a handful of locations where the X-Files was filmed.  Because how can you see a picture of the Grouse Mountain tram and not think of that scene in Ascension?

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Our first trek was north to Whistler and beyond.  Since Whistler will be hosting many 2010 Olympic events, there's construction to expand the current two-lane road going on everywhere.

Nature paints with a huge brush in BC.  The mountains are towering, the rivers broad.  Listen considered this 'just a stream'.

This broad river runs in the mountains north of Whistler, pouring a never-ending flood of pale, almost opalescent water through the forest.  Much of the scenery looked similar to what we have in Oregon, but on a much larger scale.  The adjacent campground was well laid out and immaculately kept.

Just before we returned to Howe Sound (above), at the far end of the fjord
running north from Vancouver, we passed a local mining museum used in the XF
episode Paper Clip as the Strughold Mine (unfortunately, we were nearly past
it with traffic following us before we noticed it, so no pic.)   We also passed a
Telus utility truck on our way north--shades of the opening scene of Herrenvolk!


Island in the middle of Howe Sound.  When I looked on a map later, I discovered that what appears to be the western edge of the sound is actually two more huge islands.


Howe Sound, looking north toward Whistler as seen from a small marina where we stopped.

Tram car starting up Grouse Mountain in the northern part of Vancouver.  Actually, I was surprised that the mountain was right next to a residential area.  The tram cars have been updated, though, since David Duchovny dangled from the upper edge of one of these cars in the XF episode Ascension.

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