The Cave's X-Files Episode Commentary

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Insightful analysis of character, theme, plot and more from a variety of X-Files episodes.  Delve into the rich depths of the show!

Select an episode below:

Season 1    Pilot      Conduit      E.B.E
Season 2    Little Green Men       Sleepless       Duane Barry       Ascension      '3' 
Season 3    Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'      Avatar        Wetwired       Talitha Cumi
Season 4   Herrenvolk        Tunguska/Terma        Memento Mori
Season 5    Emily      Patient X/The Red and the Black
Season 6    The Beginning     Drive        Triangle       Terms of Endearment
   S.R. 819
      Two Fathers      One Son       Milagro      Alpha
   Field Trip        Trevor
Season 7     Sixth Extinction        Amor Fati        Orison       Signs & Wonders

Also highly recommended:  Sarah Stegall's excellent episode commentary.


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