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Redux II
The Cigarette Smoking Man


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Consciousness begins to flicker through his mind, a stop-start reel of random images: his childhood orphanage, a windy Virginia dock, a dusky roomful of men deliberating. There's the rouged cheek of a woman, a hasty exit from the back door of a house not his own, a photograph grown dog-eared in his wallet: high hopes for a boy, crushed finally by the man the boy has become.

They've had him shot: the realization grows like the sticky pool around his chin. He wets his tongue against the copper taste inside his mouth.

All he's done, and it's come down to this: no salvation, the grand plan incomplete; no children to mourn or honor him; no recognition for his sheltering of the research all these many years.

And now a new frontier, a gate before him, open: no map, no guidebook, no inside track.

No alien beings.

He smiles. Perhaps this is the prize he's sought.


Author: bardsmaid
Archive: Yes, but please keep my headers attached and let me know where it is
Spoilers: Redux II
Rating: worksafe
Classification:  Vignette, 155 words
Summary: The Cigarette Smoking Man has been shot.
Disclaimer: The X-Files characters are the creations of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions; no infringement is intended.
Note: Credit to Shakespeare for the frontier ("the undiscovered country, from whose bourne no traveler returns".)
Thanks: to Muridae, Sherry and Upsy_Daisy for beta and suggestions

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