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Dana Scully


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Scully's finger touches the projector button. Light blanches the darkened office, making her start. Above the cabinets, a body sprawls amid rumpled sheets.

"Hard to imagine these days--someone having sex with a perfect stranger." She recalls her casual tone. Now she swallows.

Brother Andrew stands again beside the curb, his hand outstretched. She doesn't offer her hand to strangers, and yet...

"Her touch was electric," the blushing Michael said.  How--?

'We who are separate': Sister Abigail's words. Separate, Scully, Mulder's voice echoes. She can almost see his eyebrows waggle. 

She frowns, then clicks. Another victim. She remembers the spartan room, the bed's chill. Brother Andrew--


She believed him. Twice. It makes no--

Click. Circle in the dried grass. She clicks again. But there's no plausible scientific--


The remote clatters to the floor.

Mulder looks in, flips the switch. Pauses. "You okay?" 

She clears her throat, reaches down. Her fingers tremble. 

"I'm fine."


Author: bardsmaid
Archive: Yes, but please keep my headers attached and let me know where it is
Spoilers: Genderbender
Rating: worksafe
Classification:  Vignette, 155 words
Summary: Home safely from their encounter with The Kindred, Scully puzzles over what happened.
Disclaimer: The X-Files characters are the creations of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions; no infringement is intended.

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