The 155-word format, unique to X-Files fanfiction, provides a challenging opportunity for the writer to pare away any extraneous elements in a scene and yet still tell a full story.  When skillfully done, these short pieces give a feeling of being more than just the sum of their words.

 Choose a vignette below:

Post-ep for Genderbender:
Home safely from their encounter with The Kindred, Scully puzzles over what happened.
Post-ep for Paper Clip:
The Well-Manicured Man shares his discouragement with the Project in a letter that will never be delivered.

For Apocrypha:
Krycek isn't alone.  He's definitely not in control.
Between Zero Sum and Redux:
Early in their collaboration, Krycek and Marita meet to compare notes.

For Redux II:
The Cigarette Smoking Man has been shot.  All he's done, and it's come down to this.
For Patient X:
The night before his arrival in New York, Krycek prepares for a few hours' sleep.

For Post-Modern Prometheus:
The episode's end, when Mulder asks to speak to the writer.
For The Red and the Black:
The encounter in Mulder's apartment from Krycek's POV

Post-ep for The Red and the Black:
Waiting for the world to end, WMM and Alex Krycek go in search of serenity.
For Fight the Future:
Scully decides to set a new course.

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