Clip 1
On Skinner's balcony.  Nick gives directions to his co-actor.  Note how he's got the whole larger scene in his head, not just his own part.

Clip 2
On Skinner's balcony (2).  Scene ends and Nick is pulled up to safety.

Clip 3
In the back of the truck--Tunguska camp

Clip 4
Running through the woods (short)

Clip 5
Surrounded by the one-armed men.  (Nick forgets his lines, poor guy.)

Clip 6
With the one-armed men (short)

Clip 7
The amputation.  Not for the squeamish.  Nick is seriously convincing in this, and it's painful to listen to.

NOTE: If you're using Firefox, you can just click to start a download or double-click to play; otherwise you may have to right-click and hit 'save as'.


Clip 1  Alex discovers Dmitri gone

Clip 2  Alt version of the kiss

The quality on these two isn't great, but it's
interesting in any event to see some of the
variations that were shot.


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