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On Making Holidays


For the past several years I haven't been particularly inspired about decorating for holidays. I've been busy with other stuff, and it's not like any of the boys is particularly holiday-centric, waiting for me to wave my magic wand and transform the house. But last week as I looked forward to yet another Thanksgiving with just me and the kids and no big, warm gathering like the ones I'd grown up with, I resolved to make my own memorable time rather than hope it might somehow sprinkle down on me--or not--from some outside source.

I got out my various fall/Thanksgiving decorations (the terra cotta turkey, the Indian corn, the candle pilgrim couple), bought flowers, put the leaf in the table and set it to look attractive. On my Thanksgiving morning walk, I discovered that my neighbor Yoshi had once again put out some of his new crop of tangerines (the best I've ever had) in the giveaway box, so I took several. I ate one on the way and saved one to give to a blind woman at church later that morning, making sure to tell her about my neighbor's generosity. Farther along my route I came across a disabled man I sometimes see out walking--very slowly, since he doesn't move easily. This time instead of hurrying on my way, I crossed the road to walk along with him for a while and visit. I think he enjoyed the company.

In the end, it did turn out to be a memorable day. And it may have been what inspired me to go ahead soon afterward and decorate for Christmas.

I remember once hearing someone say that to attract the kinds of traits/qualities you're hoping to find in a mate, you have to actively express them in your own life. And I'm kind of thinking that the same rule applies to holiday experiences, too.

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