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A Fall Arrested


Somehow this has been an odd, frustrating week. Granted, I got some solid work done on a website I've been building and took some interesting pictures of the old abandoned Masonic cemetery in Oxnard, but aside from that the week seems to have been paved in potholes, the most recent and costly being that last night during our monthly cleaning night at Annie's, Ben accidentally poked into the freon tubes while chipping ice out of the freezer as requested. Result: I just paid for a new compact refrigerator.

On the other hand, Steve--nearly his whole life a burr under my saddle blanket in one respect or another--noticed the stew I've been in and bought me lunch today on our way to Sears to find the fridge. "You need a break, Mom," he said. He gave me a hug and suggested a drive along Mulholland Drive tomorrow where he intends to show me some of the most panoramic points looking down toward the ocean so that that I can (hopefully) get some good pictures. "I'm trying to make up for being a pain in the ass," he said gently, glancing over at me as we drove. I can't express how much that means to me at the moment.

So I've been saved--temporarily, at least--by a thread of kindness, my fall arrested. Thank goodness for small but significant offerings.

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