An Alex Krycek backstory for the Sanctuary universe

Bonus: At the Cabin


Alex Krycek and CSM in the snow in Quebec
Missing scene from Season 5's The End

NOTE: Not originally intended as part of the story itself, this was written as background in order to  explore what might have gone on between Krycek and CSM in the snow at the cabin after the cameras turned away.


KRYCEK: I was... sent to bring you back.

CSM: (takes a few seconds to process this)  So they want me back, do they? 

He smiles, but Alex, who has relaxed his stance, raises his Beretta again.  CSM's face shifts to a neutral expression. 

CSM: It will take me a few minutes to gather my things.  I assume you have transportation?

KRYCEK: (nods toward the crest of the hill)  Over the hill, in the clearing.

CSM:  (lifts his hands in a kind of shrug)  Well, I'll start packing then.

KRYCEK lowers his gun and follows, his heart still pounding.  At the cabin he stays outside, wanders off to take a leak against a tree and then goes over to inspects the body of the junior operative who was sent with him.  As KRYCEK expects, the man is dead.

Five minutes later CSM emerges from the cabin with two bags and a backpack.

CSM: We could make in one trip if you wouldn't mind carrying--"

KRYCEK glares at CSM, which shuts him up.  The last thing he wants now is to reveal that he's lost an arm, and he needs his good hand for the gun.

CSM: Well, I--" (he bends to try to collect the three bags)

KRYCEK: Give me the pack.

CSM shrugs and hands it over. 

KRYCEK waits for CSM to pick up the two bags and start off.  Then he sets the gun on the window ledge, slips the pack carefully over his bad shoulder and picks up the gun again.  He trudges off after CSM.

Later, at the crest of the hill, before they head down to the chopper:

CSM: Have you been authorized to tell me what occasions my return?  I assume they have a problem they need me to fix.

KRYCEK: It's about a kid.  A telepath.

CSM: Yes, I've heard about him.  He's causing trouble, is he?

KRYCEK: They'll explain it when you get there.

CSM gives him a look, trying to figure KRYCEK out, then shoulders his bag and continues toward the waiting helicopter.

They get in; the chopper lifts off.  Both men study the hillside they're leaving.  Beyond the cabin, KRYCEK sees a single arm of the man who accompanied him on the last flight.  They should have moved the body, he thinks--dragged the guy off into the grove beyond the cabin and buried him in the snow, but he couldn't have done it alone, and asking CSM to help would have revealed his problem arm.  CSM didn't mention anything, though, so he must not figure there will be much of a problem when the body is discovered.

For most of the flight the two are silent, but as they approach Quebec, CSM, figuring it will be even less prudent to speak once they're on a commercial flight to NYC, breaks the silence.

CSM: I hear you've been with the group for several months.

KRYCEK: (shrugs)  It works for now.

CSM: There's a time to be about your own business and a time to join with others.

KRYCEK continues looking out the window.

CSM: You've survived a lot.  That's good.  It shows fortitude.

KRYCEK: (turns toward CSM)  Or luck.

CSM:  Yes.  (A pause.  He thinks about Morleys; he hasn't had a cigarette since he was shot.)  You're capable of more, you know, Alex, than just being their errand boy.

KRYCEK: That's rich coming from someone who locked me in a frozen missile silo.

CSM:  Things change.  Power and influence are constantly rearranging themselves.

KRYCEK: I've got plenty to do.

CSM: I wasn't making an offer.  (He pauses, then decides not to say more.)

KRYCEK turns back to the window.


Author: bardsmaid
Archive: only complete, and please let me know where it is
Spoilers: 5x20, The Truth
Rating: worksafe
Summary: Missing scene: Krycek and CSM in the snow at the cabin
Disclaimer: The X-Files characters are the property of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions, but the real spirit of Alex Krycek belongs to Nicholas Lea, who brought him to such vivid, nuanced life.

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