An Alex Krycek backstory for the Sanctuary universe


Interview with Gibson Praise


When Gibson disappears from the power plant, where does he go?

Note: When I'm stuck while writing and have no idea what happens next, one of the techniques I use to give myself direction is to interview the characters. In these interviews, I'm never visible; I simply observe--a fly on the wall. I envision the interviewer as a rather formal man in a suit. He sits in one of two stackable plastic chairs, and the character sits in the other. Generally I find that if I prime the interviewer with just one or two questions, the interview will take off from there and find its own course, often revealing interesting details and directions I never would have thought of. At the outset of this interview, my goal was to find out what happened to Gibson after he disappears from the power plant at the conclusion of The Beginning (6x01).

INTERVIEWER: So, you were face to face with the alien.

GIBSON: [nods]

INTERVIEWER: Was it scary?

GIBSON: Yeah. I couldn't think of what to do, but we were both scared.

INTERVIEWER: You understood it?

GIBSON: I could read its mind.

INTERVIEWER: Did it know that?

GIBSON: I think so. I guess. [shrugs]  It didn't try to hurt me.

INTERVIEWER: So how did you get out of the locked room, out of the power plant?

GIBSON: Diana. She had to call in a whole bunch of FEMA guys after they took Mulder away. I knew what she was going to do--take me back to the place where they'd been experimenting on me.

INTERVIEWER: But you weren't going to let that happen.

GIBSON: Would you?

INTERVIEWER: No. [pauses] So what did you do?

GIBSON: I knew her plan was to get me out of there before the FEMA crew came in, because they didn't want anyone to know about me. She was going to put me back in the van of the guy who'd taken me there until she'd finished her FBI stuff, and then when they were busy inside looking for the alien, she was going to slip away, get me and take me back to Socorro.

INTERVIEWER: That's where Alex Krycek took you in June?

GIBSON: Yeah. [thinks]


GIBSON: I don't think he knew.


GIBSON: What they planned to do with me. He had some ideas, but they weren't nearly as bad as what actually happened.

INTERVIEWER: And if he'd known?

GIBSON: [shrugs] I don't think he would have let me escape, but... He didn't like it, taking me there. He kept trying to convince himself I'd be okay.

INTERVIEWER: So, back to the van. Did Diana tie you up? How did you get out? Or did you escape sometime later?

GIBSON: She used some electrical tape she found inside the van. Luckily she didn't have handcuffs. My mouth wasn't taped that well, and after a while I could tell someone had come up and parked next to the van. So I made all the noise I could.

INTERVIEWER: What if it had been Diana?

GIBSON: I could tell it wasn't her. It was a man with a food truck. The kind that sells snacks and stuff.

INTERVIEWER: And he heard you?

GIBSON: Yeah. He saw the tape on me, and then he saw the stitches on my head, and he was scared.

INTERVIEWER: So he left you there?

GIBSON: No. He had a brother who'd been kidnapped by a drug gang where he came from, in Mexico. He grabbed me and put me in a closet inside his truck and drove off right away.

INTERVIEWER: He wanted to save you.

GIBSON: Yeah. He didn't want what happened to his brother to happen to someone else.

INTERVIEWER: So what happened next?

GIBSON: He took me to his house, but his wife didn't want me to stay there. She was afraid someone would come after me and they'd all get in trouble.

INTERVIEWER: Because the man had taken you?

GIBSON: In case some gang was following me. And because they they had no papers. They were illegal.

INTERVIEWER: So what did they do with you?

GIBSON: A cousin of theirs was planning on going north, looking for work. So they sent me with him.

INTERVIEWER: And where did you go?

GIBSON: He left me in Idaho. I found this deaf guy who was herding sheep, and I helped him, so he let me stay. I knew I needed to be somewhere nobody would see me, because I knew they'd be out looking. And probably putting my face on milk cartons or something. The sheepherders in Idaho, they're on their own most of the time. They hardly ever go near towns and people. And Amaro knew how to do things--build fires, cook, mend his clothes. Chase away wild animals, make tools. Stuff I didn't know how to do, but I figured at some point I might need to. I might need to take off and live alone if I found out they were catching up with me, 'cause I wasn't going to let anybody use me as a guinea pig again.

INTERVIEWER: So Amaro taught you those things?

GIBSON: [nods]

INTERVIEWER: And how long were you there?

GIBSON: Almost two years. And then a man--a man but an alien--came along and told me they needed my help somewhere. And it was getting toward winter, and winters are really cold there. So it was a good time to leave.  


Author: bardsmaid
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Spoilers: post-The Beginning
Rating: worksafe
Summary: When Gibson Praise disappears from the power plant, where does he go?
Disclaimer: The X-Files characters are the property of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions.

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