An Alex Krycek backstory for the Sanctuary universe

Bonus: Excerpts from the diary of
            the Well-Manicured Man

Behind the scenes between The Red and the Black
and The End, complications abound.

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26 March 1998

In a very propitious twist of fate--if anything these days can be said to be propitious--I found Alex Krycek. Caught him, actually, before he had a chance to sabotage the group. I've told the others I'll take charge of him, which will give me a chance to seek below the surface. And Krycek and I have always had our ties--sometimes regrettable, but in the end necessary.

How alike the two are, father and son, in spite of their hatred for each other. Both calculating, determined, neither waiting for the game to catch up to them but always three steps ahead, scouting out their possibilities. Alex has asked me the details of his sire's demise, though only, I believe, to reassure himself that Spender is indeed dead. I believe I gave him enough to put his mind at rest, though I worry about what will happen at such a time as it may seem necessary to return Spender to the group.

And Alex himself: I've been quite surprised--impressed--by the operation he and Ms. Covarrubias have devised. Or put into operation at least; Martín's creation of the initial network comes as no real shock. It could prove to be the savior of us all if only Krycek and I can discover the access code for retrieving the vaccine currently being manufactured.

9 April 1998

We flew to Cali in an attempt to reason with Ms. Covarrubias' contact there--but to no avail. Her confidant at the lab, Dr. Ansbach, didn't have it, either, though I suppose he should be watched; if he did have the code, he wouldn't be likely to offer it to Krycek given Ms. Covarrubias' rejection of him. I didn't see Krycek's Russian boy myself--at least, not while he was alive--but the remains show evidence of stitching around the eyes, mouth and ears, a sight which no doubt would have shocked his erstwhile accomplice. I wonder what else was involved in her decision to part ways with him.

I've taken it upon myself to have a listening device planted in Mulder's apartment, and another in his office, though apparently I was too late to discover anything he might have known about Ms. Covarrubias' desire to ally herself with him, which was, according to Krycek, the point of contention between them. Mulder hasn't made any inquiries into what happened to her as far as I've been able to determine, though he's unaware of the larger series of actions that have transpired around the incident of her infection and may know only that she tried to phone him.

At present, Alex continues his work toward planting an employee within FarmaCol who will be able to funnel the vaccine to us. Marita has been in a holding state, the oil continuing to rest in a pool within her body, apparently inert but still alive. I intend to talk to Dr. Ansbach about anything we might give her to bring her around long enough to obtain the retrieval code from her, but until she regains some semblance of consciousness, I assume this will be impossible.

13 April 1998

Dr. Ansbach continues to search for ways to defeat the alien virus inside Ms. Covarrubias. I took the liberty of following him one day when he left the lab, just on a hunch, and tracked him to a Peruvian import-export business in Brooklyn, which, after more observation, I determined to be a habitual destination for him. Entering a few minutes behind him recently, I inquired after him but was told they knew of no one by that name. The following day I intercepted him outside the establishment, and he somewhat reluctantly took me upstairs. Evidently he's doing additional research on strategies to assist Ms. Covarrubias in his spare time. He said he didn't want to appear too attached to her on the job for fear it would jeopardize his position, though I suspect that he may be working on more than just a cure for her specific case.

24 April 1998

Ms. Covarrubias' condition has improved markedly since Dr. Ansbach undertook a series of somewhat risky attempts at killing the virus through a novel low-temperature therapy he'd devised. There were times when it appeared she would not survive the treatment, but in the end she has pulled through. Given his longtime relationship with her father, no doubt he was very careful about approaching that fragile edge. At this point the virus is dead and has been expelled, and Ms. Covarrubias is awake for short periods, though still very weak. Dr. Ansbach has attempted to get the necessary code information from her, but as yet has been unsuccessful. I've inquired about the possibility of giving her something to make the memory surface, but he maintains that it's still too early, that we don't want to risk some sort of adverse reaction at this still-fragile stage of her recovery.

8 May 1998

In an attempt to determine whether Dr. Ansbach is being completely straightforward with me, I went to see Ms. Covarrubias unannounced and found her propped up in bed, weak but in a coherent state. Evidently the others had already sent someone in, because she protested that she'd 'already told them everything that happened.' She seemed to only vaguely recognize me, but from what was put forth in the board room later that day, she is--or at least was, at the time--coherent enough to cover herself, claiming that she stole the boy from Krycek to neutralize his ability to manipulate us. The call to the Bureau from the phone booth she claimed was directed to our man Frost in case Krycek should catch up with her before she reached us. His office records show no call from that number, and A.D. Frost was away from the building at the time, though I suppose she could have misdialed in her haste, or the call, if she made one, could have been routed improperly.

19 May 1998

Drugs given to elicit the vaccine retrieval code have produced no results, and as Ms. Covarrubias is fairly tightly monitored, the opportunities to attempt this present themselves infrequently. Krycek likewise has been unsuccessful so far at being able to place a man inside FarmaCol who can release the vaccine to us; the one he'd been grooming for the mission recently disappeared without a trace and Krycek is beside himself over the time lost. He's already seeking out a new candidate in the hopes of being able to infiltrate the facility by mid-June.

8 June 1998

I've visited Spender in Quebec and discovered that he has been rather more active than I would have liked in ways, unfortunately, that have nothing to do with his recovering health. He's been corresponding with Diana, who has warned him that there's a boy being watched by the high IQ monitoring project who is cause for concern. It's not just a matter of visibility, though this particular boy has indeed entered the public eye as a chess prodigy; thank goodness the suggestions placed before the other parents have succeeded in keeping their children out of the limelight--hopefully for the duration, until they reach the age where they'll make suitable test subjects. This particular boy shows evidence of profound telepathic abilities, and Diana is afraid that he's begun to read the mind of our operative who interfaces with him.

The danger of exposure, it goes without saying, could be extreme, and raises the dilemma of what to do about him, but beyond that there's the critical question of raising the subject in the board room with its attendant question of where the information came from. Diana has not notified the board about this, so I fear I'll have to have a talk with her and urge her to do so in order to keep Spender's name out of it.

15 June 1998

The board's attempt to eliminate the threat posed by the Praise boy has unfortunately ended in failure; worse, our operative was caught and local authorities are beginning to investigate. Diana is returning to Washington, ostensibly to help divert attention from the boy, especially if Mulder should become involved, though I fear she may also have come as Spender's eyes and ears, a prelude to an intended return to wielding influence over the group. Much as I'd rather he remain where he is, the only practical move now would seem to be to return Spender to New York--present him as the man to take care of the matter surrounding the boy and then at least to be able to observe him at closer range, where he's forced to work, at least to a greater degree, out in the open.

Of course, this means having to divulge to Krycek that Spender is still alive, a fact that will hardly endear him to me. Even less so if I assign him to perform the retrieval. Of course, he may well shoot Spender rather than bringing him back... which would be a turn of events not without its advantages at this point. Besides, it will give me a better idea of Krycek's loyalties; that in itself could be valuable information.

16 June 1998

My, but Krycek was furious to know of his father's continued existence. He wanted no part of the trip to Quebec, but in the end agreed to go along with another operative. Now to see if he returns with Spender in tow. I've informed the board that I've been contacted by someone who has the capability to help us, but as yet I haven't told them who it might be.

An investigation into the Praise incident has been opened by the FBI and there's not a moment to waste.

(end of entries)

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Summary: Behind the scenes between The Red and the Black and The End, complications abound.  Diary entries from the Well-Manicured Man.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is some of the background material I wrote in order to more fully explore and fill in the  mythology/conspiracy for this period that would have been happening off-screen.

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