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KEYWORD-TYPE STUFF: Suspense and angst... surprises... MSR... Teena and her newly strengthened family ties... painful (and wonderful) times for Alex Krycek... danger hanging over many heads... mytharc... betrayal... love... loss... and unexpected justice.

RATING: Worksafe

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Many, many thanks to the fine Cavedwellers who have taken what time they had to comment on this story as it was being written: Listen, Littljoe, Michele, Lucyskull, Beth, 11-13, Zuffy and LoneGunwoman. Special thanks to Lucyskull and RxPhile for necessary medical background and to Gwoman for ongoing discussions about Scully. Thanks to real life for the many tiny incidents and analogies that ended up weaving their way into the coherency of the story and making it richer. Thanks to the memories of Spain that have hung surprisingly untarnished in the back of my mind for so many years and came out to help deepen the story at the right moments. And a fond nod of the Cap of Memory to Arturo Serrano-Plaja, my amazing graduate advisor who brought me living, breathing history, and to EPG for rich bits of experience.

THE CONDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: No, Mulder and Scully and Skinner and CSM and Krycek, Maggie Scully and the LGM aren't my creations, though we've traveled a good many miles together by now.  These wonderful characters belong to Chris Carter and the accomplished actors who portray them.  No profit is being made here and no infringement is intended.  The rest of the participants, however--Rita and Will, Dale, Tracy, Sandy, Bethy, Adrie, Harry, Angie Connors, David and Heather, Dr. Maria and Brian--even Joe and Raylene, bless their struggling souls--all these characters came to me of their own accord, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the third (and longest--about 850 printed pages) part of a trilogy and the immediate continuation of Walking Through Fire.  If you haven't read it, and the book that precedes it, Paradise Lost, you'll probably be confused, but both are available on this site.  I hope you enjoy this story's journey. It's been an amazing trek for me.

ALSO: As of May 2012, I've been working on the sequel to this novel (Topaz). Check the Topaz page for details.


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