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KEYWORD-TYPE INFORMATION:  Character-centric exploration... angst... family ties... mystery, personal as well as professional... surprises... Krycek... a Cassandra sighting... the strengthening of personal ties...

RATING: Worksafe

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: many, many thanks to Patty for her enthusiasm, to Littljoe for playing the worthy and necessary role of devil's advocate (without which this manuscript would have been much less bearable), and most especially to Listen, with whom I trust my literary life, and who provided me with much detailed feedback (the kind I thrive on) and encouragement.

THE OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: I don't claim to have created these characters. Legally, they belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions, Fox, etc. etc., though the true spirits of Mulder, Scully, Krycek and the rest belong most appropriately to the actors who have brought them to such authentic, searing life.  I've just been tinkering here, looking at possibilities I felt could have profitably been explored in Season 6. Anyway, I mean no disrespect or infringement. Heaven knows I don't stand to make any monetary profit from the time I've put into this, though I did--wouldn't you know it--learn a lot about writing along the way. Please don't sue; all I have to offer you is my third-born child (a 'Ransom of Red Chief' kind of deal if there ever was one--be warned) and an old stucco house with termite problems. Not a very promising trade for the time and expense involved.

NOTE: This story universe begins with an alternate vision of Season 6, where Mulder and Scully end up doing A.D. Kersh's tedious and perfunctory assignments until sometime in the spring (i.e. nothing past Drive in series canon happens in this universe.) This initial book of the Sanctuary trilogy explores what the loss of the X-files (post-The Beginning) might have done to Mulder, and to Scully.


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